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we live in NY & LA

Some photos on this online gallery:

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Pedestrian pop hits

Seems no one is posting, so I will post again. Here is an under layer for a new painting. I would like a crit.


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Messy Studio

Heyo, this is Cecil. I did a bit of painting tonight. It can be tough to get started but once it happens, the ‘zone’ comes easily. I’m slowly getting back to making it a consistent behavior.

(click to embiggen)

So, this is what my studio looks like right now – pretty disastrous, but cozy. The painting has been in progress for way too long, but should be finished soon.


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Hey guys, just mostly finished this illustration. Feel free to crit, comment or whatever.

It illustrates which sub-types of Cholinergic receptors are used by various organs.

The figure, spinal chord, and brain was  rendered in maya 2008 with a ramp shader that becomes transparent as the surface comes perpendicular to the camera; gives it a nice ghosty look. I didn’t model the male figure or the spinal chord; bought them awhile ago from turbosquid.com. I did, however, model the brain and brainstem.

All the other organs I painted in photoshop with an intuos 2 wacom tablet.

All the labeling was done in Illustrator.

Stay tuned for 3d animations of landscape stuff composited with makeshift green screen footage!

-peace out- Alex

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I just got my Etsy page up and running – see it here at http://www.etsy.com/shop/courtneynoonan

I know people who have done well on here, and I really like the community of artists better than the vastness of Ebay. It was really easy to set up, 20 cents to list an item, and you can write little paragraphs about each item. My basic plan is to keep the pieces I do as part of a series together for shows, and then sell the pieces that are somewhat unrelated on Etsy.

If you have an Etsy page or something similar, post it in a comment!

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Some new photos

Even though I am still technically doing painting, lately I have been taking a lot of photos, here are some:

(please give me a crit)

By the way, I live in San Francisco now, attending grad school, San Francisco Art Institute.


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