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Art in the workplace…

Hey all, this is Chuck.  Here are two boards that I made.  They’re landscape designs around stormwater ponds near neighborhoods outside DC.  The people at the Prince George’s County department of Public Works were blown the eff away, cause they only ever get to see nasty black and white cad drawings. 

The vegetation was drawn freehand over a cad drawing, scanned in, photoshopped for the rendering, then layered over google maps aerials and cad surveys.  This is my artistry in the work place, but more organic projects to come.  Please give me some suggestions for the layouts/renderings as well.  Non-technical critique is as useful as photoshop tips, so all input is welcome, after all, that’s why we’re here.

Peace Ya’ll!


I’m not sure if the images will come through, so excuse my naivete with this interface.  Five minutes ago I was a virgin blogger.


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